“ I had two Hand Analyses from you when I was living out in Palo Alto 6 years ago. I thought it was the best confirmation of who I am… much better than astrology or even the Enneagram.”

Lynn Fischer

“Significantly important to me are the many private readings I have had with Pamelah. I believe in order to really understand yourself, have at least ten private sessions with her are in order. There is more to the hands than meets the eye. Pamelah is who I turn to whenever I engage in new personal or business relationships. If you want the truth it is in your hands. Pamelah is a Master when it comes to interpreting and presenting this information clearly and ways that are easy to understand.”

Gayle Marie Bradshaw Internal Awareness Sacramento, California

“As a retired President of an award–winning employment agency, I recognize Pam Landers’ Hand Analysis expertise as a dynamic, pertinent and highly effective contribution to the human condition, both in a personal and business environment. Certainly from a business standpoint, gaining the knowledge from Pamelah’s work would have done much to shed light upon and hopefully alleviate the number one reason I found for job turnover … personality conflicts in the workforce. From a personal standpoint, the application towards parent–child relationships offers insights that can have a life long effect. I cannot imagine how anyone could not benefit from experiencing Pam’s in–depth knowledge and gentle interpersonal approach.”

Joni Richards,
Houston, Texas

Hand Reading All personal Hand Analysis sessions are recorded and a booklet of printed material is given to the person(s) being analyzed. For phone readings, printed materials will be emailed in PDF format before the session after payment is received.


I can identify your LIFE PURPOSE in 3 minutes then it takes us an hour for you to understand the layer of nuances related to it. Here are some questions related to exploring your Life Purpose:

Here is something I know: “What YOU want, wants YOU”

Within 1 minute your “RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS” factor is determined. We discuss this so it’s really clear to you.

Answers to all of these questions, and more, are in your hands. That’s because your hands, like the rest of your body, contains a map for this life. How could it not? Those are not wrinkles in your hands. They are lines formed with intention, on purpose and can be interpreted for YOU specifically and tangibly. Each line means something specific about your view of the world. And nobody else has exactly that same perspective.

A Hand Analysis session provides you with a helpful and tangible direction for living your Life Purpose — on Purpose. The fingerprints, formed by 16 weeks after conception, identify your Life Purpose.

Why have a hand analysis? How will it benefit you?

Using your fingerprints that identify your Life Purpose, the following will occur.

  1. You’ll receive a specific language for your Life Purpose which can be a tremendous help when making decisions about jobs, choices for partners, hobbies, how to spend your free time to have it be more satisfying and fulfilling.
  2. A language to communicate with your life partner, business partner and/or associates as well as friends about what is most important to you, what motivates you.
  3. A clear set of “next step” actions for you to take with both of us identifying these next steps.

Additional hand markings may be included in the first session. Contact Pamelah

Additional sessions are strongly recommended

Why? It’s hard to cover your entire life in a hour. We are all more complex than that, with layers of understanding. As one person said, “I recommend a year of personal study and coaching to really appreciate the full value of what is in our hands.” He’s a doctor who has studied Hand Analysis in addition to his medical knowledge. I know, after all these years (I started learning about myself through hand analysis in 1991) that there are so many layers of understanding about who you are, what motivates you, what makes you happy - and ultimately why you are TRULY here in this life. It would be so boring if we knew it all instantly! The discovery and uncovering new layers of awareness is quite fascianting and truly a gift.

Take advantage of the gift Hand Analysis offers, this very specific, accurate and tangible system of learning about yourself.

There are discount packages available when you opt to purchase 3 at one time. Contact Pamelah about these offerings.

Hand Analysis for children

Children’s hands are imprinted with Life Purpose from before birth. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to know what your children’s Life Purpose is? The advantage for you as a parent is making it easier to support them in what they are born to do and be, what is going to make them happier and thus support a better relationship between the two of you. Contact Pamelah to find out about readings for children.

Partnership readings

For couples in relationship, whether it be dating, living under the same roof or working together, there is a huge benefit in having even more clarity about what is motivating each of you. A partnership reading gives each of you your Life Purpose and focuses on the heart lines which identify your communication style and love style. Contact Pamelah about a partnership reading.

Phone sessions

Hand Analysis can also be done over the phone using digital photographs. Contact Pamelah for phone readings.